Training AI models to works in real life and commercial settings are hugely challenging. Our consultants have rich experience in developing and deploying AI applications.

Mobile Augmented Reality

Working together with creative studio Happy Finish in London, we developed mobile AR application for apparel virtual try-on. We applied cutting edge AI and computer vision techniques to track human pose and project 3D apparel onto people for virtual try-on. AI models were optimised for iPhone and Androids for smooth user experience.

CCTV Surveillance

We applied state-of-the-art AI models to CCTV application to detect and tracking multiple people and vehicles (or basically anything that can be labelled). In this project, we deployed two systems, the first uses cloud to process images sent by CCTV via emails. The second was edge application for real-time video for up to 32 simultaneous video streams using single GPU. The client has deployed this successfully in international airports.

Automotive Camera

Optimising neural network for efficient deployment is one of our speciality. We helped ARM to perform research in incorporating and optimising AI into automotive camera.

Energy Predictive Model

Big data is informative but it is also hugely messy. We helped Ricardo Energy to sniff through billions of sensor data to build an accurate predictive model for energy distribution.

Privacy of AI Model

We provide our expertise to Samsung Electronics to implement state-of-the-art algorithms to safe guard privacy of AI model in mobile phones. Sorry, can’t disclose too much here.